Friday, March 9, 2012

Singapore - Take 4

On my fourth visit to Singapore, I finally discovered a small and cozy place for brunch. B Bakery at Bussorah Street. It's such a cute little place with clean and simple furniture. We were hungry and wanted a nice brunch so we decided to walk from our hotel for about 15 minutes to find this place. It was totally worth it! We ordered BLT Sandwich, I had Ice Chocolate (The BEST I ever had in my whole life! Creamy and not too sweet. Perfection). Then we had Tiramisu for dessert. Everything was delish and perfect in portion.
Unlike other places, we didn't have a food coma :)
I highly recommend this place. For more review and better pictures, please visit Lady Iron Chef. We had a great time and great meal at this place, the rest of the day was wonderful!
Well, since it's my fourth visit, I didn't take much picture. But oh, another brunch was at Carl's Jr. We love their Chili Cheese Burger, but I usually only eat half of it. I don't enjoy having too much, nor do I like having a "food coma". Once a week, I let myself eat fast food and my favorite is Carl's Jr for their Chili Fries and Chili Cheese Burger.

I spent some time at my favorite store, Lalu, but didn't purchase anything. And of course, the infamous Orchard Road. ION, Takashimaya, Centerpoint, and Orchard Exchange are on my must-malls-to-visit list, even if it's just for window shopping :)
On the 7th of March we went there, there was a line of people beside the H&M store then I realized, the next day was the launch of Marni for H&M!! Ah, how excited I was but I knew I wouldn't willing to sacrifice my beauty sleep :) So yes, the next day at around 4 PM I went back to Orchard Road to check it out, but oh 90% of the items were sold out! Bummer. I saw people wandered around Orchard Road carrying a big bag of MARNI for H&M shopping bag. A few boys and girls even carried 4 to 5 shopping bags and it was 4 in the afternoon, 8 hours after the launching. Amazing!
On my third visit to Singapore (September 2011), H&M was just opened their store and there was a looong queue outside to enter the store (I think they limited the number of people inside the store). This time, I finally got into the store and found a black polka dot T-shirt and a starfish ring. 
Husband and I love H&M. They're versatile, affordable, stylish, and have got good quality. Before Singapore, our last visit to H&M was in Chicago, Illinois. We'll definitely visit another H&M in the US.

We love you, Singapore! We enjoy visiting you. Transport was definitely not a problem (get a map and BE PATIENT to learn about the MRT and bus routes). Locals were so kind and very helpful. Wide variety of food were very interesting and challenging. 

On your mark, get set, and SHOP!!!

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