Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Packing for Spring Break


When I was little, my parents took me on a road trip at least twice a year (sometimes even four or five times a year!). At least once or twice a year we went on a road trip to Bali. I have a cool dad who loves road trip :) My parents also let me chose which place I wanted to go to with one condition: Good grades, only B's or A's. It motivated me a lot!

I moved out when I was 18 and started to go on road trips and backpacking by myself or with friends. The best road trip ever was Spring Break 2009. We rented a huge fancy car that fits 7 people (includes helluva suitcases and 2 guitar cases). From Cedar Rapids - Iowa we went all the way to Los Angeles - California. We passed Kansas, stopped by in Oklahoma to pick up a friend, stopped by in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona to take pictures, and finally we drove into California and headed straight to Los Angeles. 
On the way back to Cedar Rapis - Iowa, we went to Grand Canyon and it was AMAZING! It felt so magical. Then we stopped by in Las Vegas baby! Then rested right in front of the Hoover Dam sign. We passed Utah, Colorado oh man I am so in love with Colorado! It's gorgeous! And then I went on a motorcycle with my husband and we passed Nebraska before we drove into Iowa. Awesome trip with awesome people! :)
Two years I stayed in the US, I went to 9 road trips to the west, east, north and south. Road trips can be such a pain when it comes to packing because I wanted to pack everything: make up kits, pretty heels, accessories, cute tops, pretty dresses, etc... But after 7 years of trials and errors, I finally able to pack "properly" and bring important things/clothes I definitely will wear during the trip. Here are 9 essentials item for Spring Break...
1. Stripe Dress - You can never go wrong with stripes!
2. Dolman Tie Blouse - Bring versatile, light (and cute!) blouse in pretty color to dress up/down whenever you want.
3. Cropped Jeans - Simply because it's easy to dress it up/down.
4. Wayfarer Sunglasses - Sunglasses is a must.
5. Scarve - Spring is uncertain, it can be warm, it can be chilly, it can be breezy.
6. Skimmer - Comfortable, yet stylish!
7. Flip Flops - Take flip flops wherever you go, unless you're heading to Alaska!
8. Cross Body Bag - Stylish cross body bag to put your "emergency kits" (chapstick, sunglasses, money, cards, band-aids, etc)
9. Shorts
For shorts and cropped pants, you can always switch it. If you bring linen/lightweight cropped pants, bring denim shorts, or the vice versa.
[At Kodak Theater Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. The scarf and cardigan? It was mid March and chilly in California!]

What are the essentials items you bring when you are backpacking or going on a road trip?


  1. I love the vintage suitcase!

    If I go on a road trip, I want to large sturdy bag where I can put some essentials (sunblock, sunglasses, snack, water and a change of clothes)

    1. Vintage suitcase is timeless and so unique. Ah, great idea for the essentials! I usually forgot to pack sunblock...

  2. Huaaaaa, I miss USA, esp. for vacation trip :p

    1. Aaaww I miss US aswell! Not so much for the vacation though, more for the conveniences when taking road trips ;)