Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blog Love: Kendi Everyday

Reading blog has become one of my daily routines since I was in college (2006).  
I started by reading photography blogs, then blogs that collected lovely photos from here and there, and since 2008 I read travel, cooking, and personal styling blog. Random combo, I know! I want to be able to cook (hehehe), I like to make plans and travel to beautiful places (it gives me motivation from day to day, however it's a very slow progress as for now...), and I want to experiment with my wardrobe therefore I need inspirations.
Last week, I stumble across Kendi Everyday.

(+ and + and +)
Isn't she gorgeous? I love her style. Easy, but so chic, yet affordable! Her daily make up is so soft and lovely.
Definitely check out her blog :)


  1. Yeah, she's awesome :) Kendi inspired me to start my blog and now I look at my closet differently!

  2. She is totally amazing! I love her closet and I hope my blog becomes just as great as hers one day.

    xoxo, Jjanga

  3. She is! I love your blouse on "Namaste goodwill" (!!

    xoxo Maria